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Air Pocket – Sasaki Maki

A magazine-only oneshot from Garo 1969-10.


A strange little story with a woman trying to find something to buy, alien store clerks trying to sell her things she doesn’t want, and a male clerk hanging to the ceiling saying that he can play anything as long as he has a guitar. The clerk falls onto some mirrors and bleeds to death. The woman doesn’t get what she wants and the alien clerks all disappear into hell. The last panel shows photos of the Beatles in frames with broken glass.

Seikai Youbi – Sasaki Maki

A magazine-only oneshot from Garo 1969-03.


Start of the “Seikai Youbi” (聖灰曜日) series. Usually, “曜日” (youbi) means “day”, like Getsu Youbi is Monday, and Ka Youbi is Tuesday. There is no Seikai Day in the Japanese calendar. This chapter is “選ばれたヒツジは” (Elected Sheep). It’s a random collection of pictures set to random text.