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Katsumata Susumu Works #40 – Katsumata Susumu

A  oneshot from Garo 1969-08.


Rather than the standard 3- and 4-panel gag strips, we get a guitar-player going around drumming up business for a hostess club, and basically ridiculing the customers. One such customer goes to the bar and finds two of his sons standing outside. They argue then commiserate with each other before leaving. This is then followed by just two 4-panel gag strips.


Uwasa no Onna – KATSUMATA Susumu

Magazine-only oneshot from Garo 1970-12, special issue on Tsurita Kuniko. I’ll scan her other stray magazine stories whenever I buy them.


This is essentially a parody of Kuniko Tsurita by Katsumata Susumu, using characters from her various stories plus cameos by Akira Ogawa, Shigeru Mizuki, Yuu Takita, Yoshiharu Tsuge and others. The “story” is that each of the characters are being asked where Kuniko is, and they all repeat rumors that they’d heard about her.