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Aka chiten – Hayashi Seiichi

A  oneshot from Garo 1969-08.


This is a surreal set of images that are connected primarily by dialog speculating on “him” (where is “he”, is “he” alive or dead, when will “he” arrive", is “he” already here?). In the final panel, there is a hand shown opening a sliding door, with a bright 5-pointed star in the background. You could read in a reference to Communist China if you like.


Akairo Elegy – Hayashi Seiichi

A oneshot from Garo 1970-01


The couple try to talk to each other, but the dialog is broken and the artwork is a series of random images. At the end, the girl says that she wants to marry the guy, and the last panel is Disney’s prince holding Snow White in a storm of cherry petals.

Makkakka Rock – Hayashi Seiichi

A oneshot from Garo 1969-07. This story was included in the English print by Breakdown Press.


A singing Elvis comes to a town inhabited by a girl of the night. The girl invites him in to her room to sing for a while. However, there’s also a dangerous hitman with poker-chip sunglasses that is shooting everyone just to watch them die. Poker-chip shoots Elvis, Elvis stabs poker-chip. In the end, everyone goes back to doing what they had been.

Hana saku minato – Hayashi Seiichi

A oneshot from Garo 1969-05.


Another installment in the “Flower” series. Subtitled “花さく港” (Torn flower harbor). A woman living out in a fishing village with her young daughter has taken a lover from Tokyo. She hates Tokyo because all the men that come to the village give up and go back home eventually. But, he too decides to leave, and as he stands on the ship, the two of them hold a ribbon to show their bond with each other. The ship pulls out and the woman says “don’t tear”, but it does. The chapter ends with a song lyric about sad partings.

Hana no uta #7 – Hayashi Seiichi

A oneshot from Garo 1969-04.


This is a continuation from the last chapter, where the man has been sent out to explore new women and new worlds. The one he’s landed on this time has a weird little kid with a stalk of grass in his mouth. The guy chases the kid to a hut containing a beautiful young woman. The two adults seduce each other. Later, the kid is seen standing over a big jar that contains his tears. The guy sees the kid running off and follows him again, but then finds the woman, with a stalk of grass in her mouth. At one point, the guy sees the woman, but she’s visible only in one pane of glass in a glass wall, and the scene she’s in is upside down. The kid arrives, ready to kill the man, and the guy opens the door only to find himself looking down on another world, filled with floating flower petals. His mind snaps and we just get some random weird pictures.

Hana no Uta #6- Hayashi Seiichi

A chapter from Garo 1969-03.


Another installment in the “Flower” series. In this one, a young god-like man in a world where all the women have cabbages for heads, is told to go exploring for new worlds. He flies to one planet, crash landing on some bat men that are trying to molest a girl who has a ring of petals around her head. The bat men flee, and the god-like man and the flower girl have sex for a while until the guy has to leave for another planet. When he’s gone, a magician tries to seduce the flower girl, and the bat men jump back on top of her. At the next planet, the god-like man crash lands in a pond occupied by a weird Japanese guy who asks where he came from.

Kyodaina sakana – Hayashi Seiichi

A oneshot from Garo 1968-05.


A woman living alone is visited by her long-lost son. The boy is upset that his father is missing, apparently having been eaten by a large fish. The boy yells at his mother for a while then runs out to kill the fish. He disappears, and it looks like all of this has taken place in the woman’s head, and that she’s just insane.