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Tsurita Kuniko (つりた くにこ) was 1 of v few female artists in early Garo. Tsurita’s unique poetic style with her deep understanding of comics formal qualities makes her work outstanding even among her revered colleagues. Many of her works depict “modern women” that was represented in contemporaneous European Art Cinema & was of course v rare in contemporaneous Garo.

In case anyone’s wondering, this is 女 (a silent chapter) from the 六の宮姫子の悲劇 anthology. Most of these were reprinted in Flight, but otherwise I scanned everything else. Has a nice illustration in the beginning, too.


Souretsu mu tsuchi-koku chi senki 2 – Tsurita Kuniko

A magazine-only oneshot from Garo 1969-08.


This is the second half of the story. The travelers set up a campsite on the island and treat it all as a big picnic. The Japanese navy arrives and orders them to go back home and they refuse. By accident, the fat rich kid stumbles on a rock on a hilltop, triggering an avalanche that crashes down on the destroyer. This starts a war with the navy using their big guns, and the travelers using slingshots, swords and a spear. One woman, the one with a spear that loves Edo-period dramas, starts out thinking that if she’s going to die here that she’d rather do it by her own hand. However, she pulls her head out of the noose and decides that she’d rather die in a hail of bullets. She gets shot, and dies thinking that neither choice was really all that preferable. A small boat arrives with two men and a lot of film equipment. The travelers think they’ve been saved, but rather than helping out, the two newbies start filming the battle, and asking people to do a better job of looking good when they die. The prophet that started all of this pulls out his katana to show how a real samurai fights, but he turns out to be incompetent. The prophet tells his assistant to fight for him, and the boy lights the fuse to a pile of gunpowder kegs and bombs. The island blows up, killing everyone but the itinerant priest. The priest turns away, muttering a prayer to the souls of the dead, and he leaves.

There are a couple sight gags here, including cameo appearances by Tezuka’s “pig character”, and Fujio Akatsuka’s Nyarome cat.

Oto – Tsurita Kuniko

A magazine-only oneshot from Garo 1969-03. 


A young man wakes up one morning to find himself without a body, and someone else sitting in his bed. The interloper drinks his best wine and eats his favorite rice crackers, and the main character yells that he’s doing it wrong and corrects him. The interloper laughs that the main character has no hands for doing all this himself and then he goes outside. The main character stays in his room, unable to leave, surrounded by the ticking of his alarm clock.

Souretsu mu tsuchi-koku chi senki 1- Tsurita Kuniko

A magazine-only oneshot from Garo 1969-07.


In this prologue, various people are introduced – some beatniks, a prophet, some music lovers, and a fat rich kid who is tended by two starving minions. They all converge on a street corner where the prophet urges them to follow him to a deserted island. They do, and when they get there they encounter a basket priest out on a pilgrimage. Obviously the island isn’t deserted enough, but the visitors relent and allow the priest to stay there anyway.

Armadillo – Tsurita Kuniko

A magazine-only oneshot from Garo 1970-01


A hiker encounters a man sitting on a rock, and asks him where a specific town is. The man tells the hiker that no such town exists, even though it’s marked on the map. The guy finishes his lunch and goes to bury the body of someone else he’d just killed. The hiker and the killer walk along the road, past Stonehenge, and reach a village carved in the rock of the hills, filled with people wearing something that looks like a burka. The hiker hears a voice saying “Please help me”, and the killer says that it’s actually the spirit of someone that had died long ago but the soul had not passed on to the other world. Hence, the spirit says “please help me”. The hiker suddenly throws his hands up, faces the reader and says “please help me, please help me”.