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In news that isn’t related to manga, I’m hopeful for this remastered port. I’ve only played the PS2 version many years ago. It comes out on Steam in 6 days out of nowhere.


Shounen Shoujo – NEMU Youko

Hanna goes to her grandpa’s house in the country, and the ring she got from her boyfriend falls into a tank with goldfish. As Hanna tries to get the ring back, a boy passing by calls out to her… Contains 6 stories.

1. Shounen Shoujo
2. Famires☆Night
3. Border Line
4. Kenritsu Mammoth Nishi Koutou Gakkou
5. Treasure Room
6. Aka-Coat no Selma

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Nagi o Sagashite – WAKITA Akane

Title Story: Kawai works hard every day and keeps her feelings bottled up. It’s all to keep her pet cat Nagi happy. But one day Nagi suddenly vanishes… I want to see that cat once more— A missing cat, a cat she used to have, searching for a cat on an island… A beautiful collection of short stories which delicately express the intricacies of a five women’s hearts — all shown through their beloved cats.

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