Story and art by: Douman Seiman
MSRP: $12.99
Release date: October 16, 2018


With every day Taizou spends at the Voynich Hotel, he finds himself more and more smitten with Helena, one of the maids. But even with love goggles on, it’s hard to ignore all the weirdness happening on the island…or the fact that there’s a serial killer running amok…

Shot to the heart, and love’s to blame…or is it the serial killer skulking around? 🤔 Celebrate this 🔪spooky🔪month with the spookiest vacation spot in manga: THE VOYNICH HOTEL Vol. 2 is now on sale! [Print/Digital]

Red Dragonfly – HAYASHI Seiichi



A oneshot from Garo 1968-06.

赤とんぼ (Red Dragonfly)

By Seiichi Hayashi (林静一). 12 pages. 
This is another semi-surreal story from Seiichi. In this one, a young boy lives with his mother, catching dragonflies and getting his fingers scraped up, with her largely ignoring him. At one point, it looks like the boy’s grandfather has dropped by, and they play soldiers for a while. But, the boy sees the old man in bed along with his mother, and she’s crying. In the last panel, the boy encounters the shadowy old man (we never see his face) and there’s just the sound effect of a gun shot.


Seeking translators and editors for Garo. If you’re interested, contact me.


Blast from the past. You are now remembering that you could find ads for hentai alongside articles on Ranma ½, Armitage III, and other OVAs of the month. I might scan the entire magazines for posterity’s sake.

I am missing one particular issue of Animerica that contains an Area 88 chapter, though. I found it on sale as part of a bundle with some other issues, but the whole thing goes for $40. If a couple people want to pitch in, that’d be cool. I suppose I could scan the other unwanted issues that come with it as well.